Welcome to the Pack

The RCR Packnoun, often attributive \ˈr \ c \ r \ pak \
A community of runners — of all abilities — united by their love of the trail and run, working together to achieve their training dreams. 

Welcome to Rock Creek Runner, a site and community dedicated to helping all runners, regardless of ability or experience, achieve their running goals.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your running journey right now, we’re here to help …

Maybe you’re new to trail running, and want to gain the confidence to hit the dirt on your own.

Maybe you’re injury prone, and want to train smarter to avoid another season ending setback.

Maybe you’re training for an ultramarathon, and need support and knowledge to step up your training.

Whatever it is that brought you to Rock Creek Runner, I’m just want to say, “Welcome.”

Starting today, you can learn and grow as a runner, and take giant leaps towards achieving your running goals. Here’s what you can expect by joining the Rock Creek Runner Pack:

  • Proper running techniques that keep you running longer and injury free.
  • Trail and ultra running training advice and basics for beginners.
  • Workouts and drills to increase body and leg strength.
  • Fueling strategies and recipes to keep you energized for the long run.
  • Firsthand, completely unbiased product reviews.
  • Advice through Interviews with fellow athletes.

That’s what we do (and do well, I might add). Here’s what we don’t:

  • We don’t judge, we celebrate all goals and levels.
  • We don’t exclude, we welcome runners training for their first 5K or fifth trail ultramarathon.
  • We don’t sit still, we train hard, train smart, work hard to become stronger runners.

Are you ready to join the pack and start making moves towards your next great running goal?

Rules of the Pack

Want to know more about the Rock Creek Runner philosophy? It starts with these rules or guidelines:

1. Fast or Slow, Beginner or Expert — We Welcome All Runners

There are websites and communities just for the elite. There are websites and communities just for the elitist. This isn’t one of them.

Rule #1 of the Pack is that all runners are welcome. Whether you’re tagging mountain peaks every day, slowly increasing your long run on the weekends, or just dipping your toes in trail running for the first time, you are welcome here.

The Pack is made up of all types of runners, and every post, podcast, video, and chat is designed to help you train smarter.

2. We Leave No Runner Behind

A pack that works together runs better together. If you have a training question, issue, or frustration, we’ve got your back and try to incorporate everyone’s needs in new weekly content.

3. We Take Chances and Set Big Goals

The RCR Pack believes that in order to achieve great things, you have to put yourself out there, experiment, and chase big goals.

Rock Creek Runner is designed to help you do just that, and more importantly, help you do it successfully.

4. We Get Shit Done

Running is hard, there’s no question about it. But we look those challenges in the eyes and don’t back down. We train hard and put ourselves out there. That may mean hitting the trail before sunrise, squeezing in hill repeats after work, or cranking out miles on the treadmill after the kids go down.

We’re dedicated to the run, and know that the best experiences and lessons don’t come easy. So we get it done — no matter the challenge.

5. We Have Fun

The fifth, final, and most important rule of the Pack? We have fun.

Trail running, ultrarunning, running in general — it should be fun. It should be challenging and ambitious, sure, but if you’re not having fun, your training will never succeed.

We have adventures, celebrate accomplishments, and strive make running fun again.

Are You With Us?

About Doug Hay, the Founder

Hey there, I’m Doug Hay, coach, ultarunner, and guy behind this blog, the Trail Talk podcast, and a number of training programs like Next Level Runner and Discover Your Ultramarathon.

That’s (a rather large) photo of me above, coming into the final aid station of the Thunder Rock 100. My wife and crew were greeting me, and with only 5 miles to go after over 23 hours of running, I was all smiles.

It’s not always easy to have fun during the middle of a long run or race, but I’ve found that if I can stay positive, I can tackle just about anything the trail throws my way. As soon as I let the mud, rain, heat, or terrain get me down, the wheels start to fall off quickly.

That’s the way I approach running, and the way I approach this site.

I started Rock Creek Runner as a way for me to share my experiences and connect with others, but over the years, it’s turned into much more than that. Rock Creek Runner has become a Pack of thousands of runners eager to adventure, runner smarter (and stronger), and support each other in a positive way.

I hope you’ll join us. featured-in

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Disclaimer and Support

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The information on this blog is meant to supplement, not replace, proper running and ultramarathon training. Like any sport involving speed, equipment, balance and environmental factors, running poses some inherent risk. Rock Creek Runner, LLC and the author advises readers to take full responsibility for their safety and know their limits. Do not take risks beyond your level of experience, aptitude, training and comfort level. The information is offered with no guarantees on the part of the author or company.