Run A Strong Ultramarathon
Avoid the Mistakes of Most First-Time Ultramarathoners

Everything you need to know to run a smart ultramarathon, packaged beautifully in a user-friendly eBook training system, complete with a 129 page guide, 50k and 50m interactive training plans, and 4 MP3 interviews with the experts.

Ultrarunning isn’t just for Greek Gods, elite athletes, or crazy people. I’m a firm believer that anyone can run an ultramarathon, they just need guidance, information, and determination to set them up for success.

The Discover Your Ultramarathon training system explains how the author avoids common mistakes, and how you can too.

What's Included in the 129 page Training System:

  • Preparing for the Experience: How to prepare the mind for the training ahead by building confidence and setting yourself up for success.
  • Ultramarathon Fundamentals: Understand the differences between trail ultras and road marathons, to successfully train yourself for race day.
  • Training Basics: Properly prepare the body for training to stay injury free and healthy.
  • Nutrition and Hydration: What to eat and drink before, during, and after an ultramathon.
  • Successful Race Day: Proper ultramarathon race strategy, pacing advice, and everything you and your crew need to know on race day.
  • Personal Tips and Stories: Advice from over half a dozen experienced ultrarunners on everything from pacing to staying motivated.
  • 50k and 50 Mile Training Plans: More information on the training programs below.
  • 4 Audio Interviews with Expert Ultrarunners: More information on the interviews (delivered as MP3s) below.
Discover Your Ultramarathon is a eBook Training System and immediately downloadable as PDFs, MP3s, and spreadsheet files. No dealing with the fees or hassle that come with shipping products.
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    • Interview 1:
      Mike discusses first timer mistakes, speed work in ultrarunning, and making time for training with a family and job.

      Mike Wardian

      Professional Ultrarunner and Coach
    • Interview 2:
      Alyssa breaks down the necessary steps for proper preparation, how to calm your nerves the day of the race, and her bulletproof nutrition strategy.

      Alyssa Godesky

      Professional Triathlete, Ultrarunner, and Coach
    • Interview 3:
      Matt takes us through proper goal setting and habit forming techniques, how to set expectations for your first ultra, and fueling tips for vegans.

      Matt Frazier

      Ultrarunner, Author, and Blogger
    • Interview 4:
      Francesca addresses the struggles of switching from road to trails, the major differences of trail races, and training your body for long endurance runs.

      Francesca Conte

      Race Director and Ultrarunning Guru
    • About the Author:
      I know this system works, because I've used it. The mistakes I made during my first ultras taught me the lessons I want you to avoid through this information.

      Doug Hay

      Ultrarunner and blogger at Rock Creek Runner

    Interactive 50k Training Plan

    Interactive 50 Mile Training Plan

    About the Training Plans

    20 Week 50k and 24 Week 50-Mile Interactive Training Plans. Both included with the Discover Your Ultramarathon Training System!

    • A personalized training plan, with just the right progression of miles to keep you injury free and strong on race day.
    • Stay on track with fillable progress sheets and automatic pace calculations.
    • Document all the details directly on the training plan in the notes and tracking sections.

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