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YakTrak Pro

YakTrak Pro – The YakTrax Pro slides over the bottom of your shoe and has one strap to secure around the top. I found that it fit rather nicely to my shoe size (10.5), but was definitely capable of stretching over a larger shoe as well. After just a few strides up the trail, my timid ‘snow run’ turned into a full fledged trail run up the hill. Only a few times throughout the 6 mile run was I concerned about falling, and that was more with footing uncertainty than slipping in the snow. Continue Reading….


Nathan HLP #008 Race Vest (Video)

Nathan HPL #008 Race Vest – The vest itself seems just about ideal for medium length long runs (13-25) or a race where you can fill up at an aid station.  The bladder holds 1.5L of water, (for a reference, that is about 1.5 Nalgenes).  It sits high and tight on the upper part of your back, which keeps the vest from bouncing around while running.  After having used it for about 100 miles, I can say that I haven’t had any issues with it rubbing or chaffing around the arms.  They claim it is 1 size fits all, but for bigger builds I’d be sure to try it on.  While the pack is adjustable, it is designed to fit tightly I’d be careful.  Continue Reading…


Janji Running Apparel

Sometimes you hear of a company that just does it right.  A company that provides a great product or service, and on top of that gives back to a community in need.  It would be great if you could count on all companies to do just that, but unfortunately they are few and far between.

Well the running world recently added just such a company.  Janji is a running apparel company that is both putting out quality products and donating a portion of each sell toward helping the millions of malnourished people around the world.  Continue Reading…

 OGIO Endurance 8 Running Pack

OGIO_8_0Sometimes you buy a product and think to yourself, “eh, it’ll do.”

But other times you pick up a product and know after first use that it is really going to make your life easier.

I didn’t actually buy the OGIO Endurance 8.0 Pack, it was given to me for Christmas by my mother, but it has still given me that awesome feeling like I just spent my money very wisely.  Continue Reading…


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