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Here at Rock Creek Runner we’re picky. We don’t want unrelated ads all over the place (you’ll notice they are kept to a minimum), and we’re picky about the products we promote. Putting our stamp on something we don’t believe in isn’t what RCR’s all about.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t great resources out there that we do believe in. Here are our favorites:

Rock Creek Runner Resources

The Trail Runner’s System

logo-sign-2Want to transition to trail or ultra running? Through video, audio, and expert interviews, the Trail Runner’s System is designed to help you transition to trails and ultras from where you are now. Regardless of ability.

Leave the fear and anxiety that comes with making a big change in your training behind, and tackle your big trail and ultra running goals.

A peak at what’s covered in the system:

  • Trail Running 101: Covering everything from the benefits of trail running to what trail gear is worth your money.
  • Training for Your Dream Race: Complete with training plans and a proven training strategy.
  • Injuries and Injury Prevention: Prevention and rehab techniques designed to keep you moving on the trails.
  • Nutrition for (Trail) Runners: What to eat before, during, and after your race or long run, and how to develop everyday nutrition that keeps you healthy and recovering quickly.
  • Racing Basics and Strategies: Managing the differences between trail and road races, and how to perfect race travel, logistics, pacing strategies, and what to do when things go wrong.
  • Library of training plans for base building, marathon, 50k, and 50 mile distances

The Busy Runner Routine

busy-runner-greenToo Busy To Keep Up With Your Training?

Build a consistent routine to reach your running goals, without getting in the way of your busy schedule.
Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • 4-Week Routine and Goal Setting Course
  • 4-Week Training Plans (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert)
  • Worksheets to Build Your Routine

Learn more about the Busy Runner Routine.

Discover Your Ultramarathon: A Beginner’s Guide to Running an Ultramarathon

3DCoverWant to run an ultramarathon, but don’t know where to start? Let the in-depth training system, Discover Your Ultramarathon, help guide you through training and run a strong ultramarathon. What’s included:

  • 129-page Discover Your Ultramarathon eBook, covering all the questions you’ll have leading up to the race, and all the topics you don’t even know to ask about.
  • 20-week 50k interactive training plan.
  • 24-week 50 mile interactive training plan.
  • 4 Bonus interviews with ultrarunning experts and elites, ensuring you get all the tips from the best.

Free Rock Creek Runner Resources

The Aid Station: A Free 3-Part Mini-Course + Member Only Content

aid-station-page-ad-2Run smarter and stronger on trails…

Claim your FREE Rock Creek Runner Aid Station membership, and gain access to a 3-part mini-course, library of eBooks, proven trail running resources, and exclusive member only content.

Aid Station Members Get Free Instant Access To Proven Resources:

  1. Lesson 1 How to Start Trail Running
  2. Lesson 2 – The Mental Side of Trail Running
  3. eBook 3 – The Discouraged Runner’s Guide to Motivation and Discipline
  4. 4 Free eBooks
  5. Exclusive Members Only Content

Training Tools and Programs I Recommend

Injury Prevention for Runners

InjuryThe most thorough injury prevention program I have ever seen. Running coach Jason Fitzgerald does it right with this program, which features 2 eBooks, 16 videos, a dozen training plans, and 7 interviews with elite coaches and runners, all crafted to make sure you’re running injury free.

I’ve been using Jason’s injury prevention techniques of over a year now, and I’ve had great success staying healthy and strong.

Wake Up: 31 Days and Actions to Take Charge of Your Life

wake-upThis one’s a bit different since it’s not specifically geared towards running, but Matt Frazier’s Wake Up program is an incredible resource for people looking to form running habits and goals, or make sure they are taking effective actions in other parts of their lives.

I worked through the program and loved it. If goal setting and habit forming is something you’re interested in, this is an awesome program worth checking out.

Recommended Running Books

Books That Train the Runner’s Body

Chi Running: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running chi_running_coverby Danny Dreyer

If you’re looking for a way to improve your running form, this is a good place to start.

The Chi Running approach is all about removing the heal strike, reducing injury, and creating a more effortless stride. The approach has become a sensation in recent years, to the point where they hold multi-day workshops and trainings.

This book, along with the included informational DVD, provides information that will help you rethink and adjust your stride and cadence.

Run_FasterRun Faster by Brad Hudson and Matt Fitzgerald

Ever wanted to have access to everything an elite coach has to say? Here’s your chance.

This incredible book offers training plans from 5k to marathon distances, and explains, in detail, the techniques Hudson has used to turn runners into Olympians. No guarantees that will happen to you, but Run Faster will help you find your best run.

bookphotoNo Meat Athlete: Run on Plants and Discover Your Fittest, Fastest, Happiest Self by Matt Frazier

Matt’s book is the perfect guide for beginner runners, especially those looking to run on a vegetarian or plant based diet. The first half of the book focuses on goal setting, forming habits, and running basics. He even throws in training plans for 5k to half marathon distances. The second half is all nutrition, including how to fuel before, during, and after your run, along with optimizing your diet for when you aren’t running. And the recipes are great. A few have already become go-tos in my house.

Plus Matt gives me a shout-out in the acknowledgements. How could I leave his book off this list after that? Also check out my full review of the book.

Daniels_Running_FormulaDaniels’ Running Formula by Jack Daniels

So you’ve read the introductory books, and you’re ready to take your training to the next level. This should be your next stop.

Daniels’ Running Formula is all about the science of getting stronger and getting the most out of your effort. It’ll tell you all about your heartrate, cadence, VO2 Max, and all the other science runners love to geek out on.

It includes training plans, and an in-depth look at how you should approach training for your next big race.

101_Simple_Ways101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner by Jason Fitzgerald

Want to be a better runner? Jason gives you 101 ways to do just that. Laid out as short tid-bits grouped together in a categories, the e-book covers everything from workouts to gear to safety.

This simple, easy to read e-book is a great reference guide for all runners looking to pick up a few (or many) pointers.

Since it’s an e-book, I guess it wont actually go on your shelf, but it comes highly recommended, and you absolutely can’t beat the price!

Born_to_RunBorn to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall

When I tell someone I’m an endurance runner, it’s usually no more than 45 seconds before someone asks if I’ve read Born to Run. The book has easily influenced the mainstream more than any other running book currently on the market. And for good reason! It’s fun, exciting, and tells a great story.

But more than that, it is a great introduction to running biology and physics, and raises a lot of good questions about conventional modern running techniques. Should new runners use Born to Run as a guide? Probably not. But you won’t regret picking it up…except maybe when you realize you can’t put it down.

Books That Train the Runner’s Mind

JOANN-BOOK-WebYour Performing Edge: The Complete Guide to Success and Fulfillment in Sports and Life by JoAnn Dahlkoetter

They say running is just as much mental as it is physical. In my opinion, the longer the distance, the more that mental percentage goes up.

The information Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter shares in this book will help you strengthen the mental side of your training. She uses examples from research on pro athletes and Olympic runners to explain just how the mind works under pressure and intense athletic stress. You’ll come out of the book with knowledge of how to train the mind for high pressure races, and stay focused during throughout training, injury, and defeat.

what_i_talk_about_when_i_talk_about_running_1.largeWhat I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami is an elegant writer, making this mediation on running a perfect quick read for anyone who loves the sport. Murakami walks you through his thoughts and reflections on running and writing while training for the New York City Marathon.

I’m not sure the book made me a better runner, but his delicate words definitely inspired me to get out and log more miles. Then go home and write about them.

Power_of_HabitThe Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Alright, I admit it. You’ll never find this book sitting around the running section of your local book store. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot to teach us.

The Power of Habit dives deep into why we form habits, how to create new ones, and how to manipulate the ones we already have. Arming yourself with these skills can help create habits that turn you into a running machine, by turning your running form and technique into natural motions you never have to think about, and by making it easier than ever to actually get out the door in the first place.

Running_and_BeingRunning and Being: The Total Experience by Dr. George Sheehan

More of a meditation of life than it is about running specifics, this book summarizes beautifully what it means to be a runner.

Sometimes we just need a reminder of philosophical reasons why we run, and the mind/body connection we are creating. As a distance runner, this book is a solid curl-up-by-the-fireplace read, that will speaks to the pain or triumph we experience from each run.

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