Your Trail Running and Training Questions Answered

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Over the past few years, runners just like you have come to me with questions and frustrations about training. Some of those runners are just starting out, while others are running multiple ultramaratons each year, but everyone seems to experience many of the same issues and fears.

I created this 10-part guide to address your top questions and squash those familiar fears, so that you can avoid common running mistakes and run stronger, further, and injury free.
                       - Doug Hay,  coach, ultrarunner, and author of Rock Creek Runner

Your Questions Like:

  • How do I prevent overtraining and avoid injury before race day?
  • What can I do when my support system doesn't understand my goals?
  • How can I adjust a training plan to fit my schedule?
  • What should my pacing strategy be when running and racing on trails?
  • And, I'm terrified of bonking. Where do I turn when it comes to nutrition?

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