Too Busy To Keep Up With Your Training?

Build a consistent routine to reach your running goals, without getting in the way of your busy schedule.

busy-runner-greenWish you could keep a regular running routine, but don’t feel like it’s possible with your busy schedule?

Between work, school, family, friends, and the countless obligations we find ourselves with, it’s hard to find time for a run. Even when we wish we could.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can build a consistent, challenging running routine that will help you reach your running goals, all while keeping up with your busy schedule.

Why Consistency Matter

For most runners, working a run into your busy schedule is a constant struggle. All these forces (work, play, family) are pulling you away from your training. And filling your mind with excuses.

Unfortunately, most of us are quick to embrace any one of those excuses.

Running is hard. I’m the first to admit that sometime it hurts, and it’s not always fun. With your busy schedule, the easy choice is to brush it off until tomorrow — or three weeks from tomorrow — and blame it on an excuse.

This constant struggle with excuses is a breeding ground for running inconsistency, one of the leading causes of injury.

And as if to add insult to injury, consistent training is the only way to make real, lasting improvements as a runner.

Building A Consistent Running Environment

Our willpower is finite, and it runs out quickly.

In order to keep a steady running routine with a busy schedule, you have to first create a training environment that encourages your run. An environment where you don’t decide whether or not you feel like going for a run, but where the environment decides for you.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? A training routine free from excuses?

That’s what I had to create in order to keep myself on a consistent routine, and that’s what you too can create with the Busy Runner Routine. A brand new 4-week course now available.

What You’ll Do In The Busy Runner Routine

The Busy Runner Routine is a 4-Week course designed to build that consistent running environment. With new lessons and challenges each week and training plans for all levels, we’ll build a strong commitment to the habit of running, and learn how to train efficiently, so you aren’t wasting time with junk miles.

Here’s what you’ll cover:

Week 1: Set a goal and establish a routine

The first thing we’ll do is work through a goal setting process and establish a running routine that fits within your busy schedule.

Week 2: Start a consistent running program that fits where you are now

From there we start training. Choose from the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert 4-week training plans, and learn how to train efficiently and effectively, so you aren’t wasting time with workouts that don’t take you towards your goal.

Week 3: Create a training environment that nurtures success

The heart of the program is building out a training environment that encourages success instead of giving into temptation.

Week 4: Establish the systems to make your routine last

You’ll end the 4-week program armed with all the tools and motivation you need to keep the running routine moving forward.

purhcase2The Details

With the Busy Runner Routine, you’ll find the motivation you need to make running a priority again, and build in procedures, habits, and a training plan to keep you on track with consistent training.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • 4 Week Course

    As a member of the Busy Runner Routine, you’ll gain access to a 4-week course that works through everything you need to build your routine. We’ll set goals, work on your schedule, learn how to train more efficiently with the time you have, and create a training environment that keeps you on track.

  • 4-Week Training Plans

    This course is designed to fit the needs of every runner, from beginners to experts. Choose between 4 different 4-week interactive training plans. Once you’ve mastered one level, you’ll always have access to advance to the next.

  • Worksheets

    Along with the written course, the program includes goal setting and scheduling worksheets, and an interactive training log to keep you on track long after the you finish the course.

  • Bonus 1 (Offer ends 8/7): Goal Setting Seminar with Matt Frazier

    As a special bonus for purchasing before August 7th, you’ll gain instant access to the Goal Setting and Accountability seminar with Matt Frazier created for the Trail Runner’s System. During that seminar, we discuss:

    • How to set an inspiring running goal
    • The value of small steps when achieving your goal
    • Why accountability matters
    • Bouncing back after things don’t go as planned
  • Bonus 2 (Offer ends 8/7): Live Busy Runner Webinar

    Order before August 7th and also receive a private invitation to next month’s live Busy Runner Webinar. During the webinar we’ll discuss routine building, goal setting, efficient training, and directly address any concerns or questions you have about your progress.

Not sure you even have time for this course?

Don’t worry, the last thing I’d want to do is waste your time. This course is designed to be efficient, with all the tips you need to build a strong routine and none of the fluff we both want to avoid.


+ 2 BONUSES: Instant access to the Goal Setting Seminar with Matt Frazier, and a private invitation to August’s Busy Runner Webinar.
Bonus offer will no longer be available after August 7th.



paul“I did not think of myself as a runner until the last mile of my first race, but Doug Hay believed in me from the first day. Without Doug’s coaching and support, I never would have made it to the finish line. I am continuously inspired by his words and continuously strengthened by his training. I can now confidently say that I am a runner.”– Paul Gwynn Garrity, Georgia



“I wanted to say thank you. It has made all the difference having you as my coach. I’m SURE I would not be pushing this hard. You are very good at what you do.”– Brooke, Columbus, Ohio

14 Day No BS Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll love the Busy Runner Routine that this guarantee is a no-brainer.

If you’re not happy with the course, I don’t want you to pay for it. Just let me know within 14 days of purchase, and I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

No BS runarounds. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. So let’s get going, shall we?

purhcase2About The Author

doug-squareHey there, I’m Doug Hay, coach, ultarunner, and author behind Rock Creek Runner, Discover Your Ultramarathon, The Trail Runner’s System, and the brand new Busy Runner Routine.

For several years after I started running, training always took a back seat to the rest of my life. I was busy with work, friends, family, and a never-ending list of to-dos. When I did have a free minute, it was hard to motivate myself enough to go for a run.

That’s when I decided things had to change. I created a routine and training environment that would keep me focused and consistent.

I’m excited to share what I’ve learned through countless mistakes and successes with you here.

A consistent running routine is yours for the taking. Are you ready to get started?