5% for Conservacion Patagonica

I’m thrilled to announce that as part of the Year of Service, 5% of all Rock Creek Runner proceeds generated in 2016 will be donated to Conservaction Patagonica.

Part of the mission of Rock Creek Runner is to give back — to the community, the trails, and the mountains — and I’m excited to honor that mission through quarterly donations to Conservation Patagonica.

The work of Conservaction Patagonica, in the Patagonia region of South America, is unlike any conservation project in the world, and their efforts are restoring lands and mountains, and providing a refuge for wildlife and wilderness lovers alike. I am grateful for the opportunity to give

By supporting Rock Creek Runner through purchases made in the Trail Store, you’re now also supporting the work of Conservaction Patagonica. Or you can click here to learn more about the work they are doing in Chile, and donate directly.

About Conservaction Patagonica

Conservaction Patagonica’s mission is to create national parks in the Patagonia region of South America. These efforts and parks will restore the natural lands and wildlife, and promote sustainable economic opportunities for local communities.

Founded in 2000 by Kris Tompkins, former CEO of Patagonia and wife of conservationist and The North Face founder Douglas Tompkins, the organization is on the verge of establishing the Patagonia National Park, a 650,000 acre park in Chile.

Learn more about the efforts of Conservaction Patagonica, and its connection to trail and ultra running through this beautiful film, Mile for Mile:

Why Conservaction Patagonica?

Back in 2007, I spent a year studying, exploring, hiking, and running my way through Chile. I fell in love with the culture, food, and of course the diverse natural lands ranging from dessert in the north to the Patagonia in the south.

But it was my time in the northern and southern regions of the Patagonia that have left the most lasting impact. The diversity and magnitude of those lands and mountains still inspire me several years later. I feel honored to give back even in this small way.