I love running hats.

They keep the sweat out of my eyes, the sun off my face, and mean I don’t have to worry about bedhead (a real problem, you know).

Hats have become a staple piece of running gear, so it seemed only natural to design my own for Rock Creek Runner. A stylish, functional, badass running hat that I’d want to wear.

It turns out some of you liked the idea, and now there are a few hundred RCR hats roaming the trails.

Here’s Eric, Greg, and Mallory, all sporting different RCR hats in the wild:


Don’t they just look like they’re crushing it?

And this is Dave on the summit of Mt. Whitney, where he chose to rock his RCR hat while proposing to his fiancé!


Congrats, you two!

Those shots all feature the old technical trucker hats. And while I love them, I knew it was time for something better.

A hat that’s more functional, stylish, and all around badass. So I teamed back up with the good folks at BOCO Gear, and …

Allow me to introduce three brand new running hats:

After taking all three out for a test run, I think the mesh is my new favorite (but they’re all pretty darn great).

The new hats are designed specifically for the needs of runners, with lightweight, durable, moisture wicking materials.

Learn more about the features of each individual hat by clicking the links above.

bear-designFree Black Bear Bumper Sticker (Limited Time Offer)

Order before next Monday, October 24th, and you’ll not only be one of the first to receive the hat, but also the limited edition Black Bear Bumper Sticker. It features the new bear design you’ll recognize from the mesh hat.

And if you pick one up, don’t forget to tag me or send a photo of you in it. I’d love to feature your adventure (and awesome style) on the blog.

I hope you like them as much as I do!

Author Doug Hay is the founder of Rock Creek Runner, host of the Trail Talk podcast, and fanatical about everything trail running -- beards, plaid shirts, bruised toenails, and all. He and his wife live and run in beautiful Black Mountain, NC.

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