You know that dreaded feeling …

That feeling when the excitement from the first weeks of training fades, the long runs turn seriously long, and all you want to do is sit on the couch with a beer and a bag of Oreos.

I call it the mid-training slump. And it’s often the toughest few weeks of your training.

In today’s episode, we attack the slump from every angle, in an effort to bulletproof your training and avoid the downturn all together.

Oh, and before you jump to any conclusions … no, this is not just another “50 ways to mix up your routine” list. The internet has plenty of those already.

Here’s what I covered in today’s show:

  • The training bell curve
  • Why you need to prepare from day 1
  • Should you take a break?
  • Death by negativity
  • How to build in excitement

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Author Doug Hay is the founder of Rock Creek Runner, host of the Trail Talk podcast, and fanatical about everything trail running -- beards, plaid shirts, bruised toenails, and all. He and his wife live and run in beautiful Black Mountain, NC.

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