We’re just a week away from ringing in 2016, and whoa! What a year it has been!

Oof, I hate it when people say that. Every year bloggers, bosses, your mother, they always seem to think the past 12 months have been unlike any other.

But seriously, when I sat down to write this post, and took a look back at everything that’s happened here at Rock Creek Runner, it really has been one hell of a year.

On a personal note, I’ve had the privilege of sharing many beautiful experiences, with wonderful people, on breathtaking routes and courses. In case you missed them, are a few highlights through pictures:


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But aside from my own experiences, it’s also been the best year yet here at Rock Creek Runner:

So far in 2015, I’ve posted 62 blog posts, all in an effort to help you run smarter.

I launched the Trail Talk podcast, wrapping up Season 1 with 23 episodes.

I released two new courses, the Trail Runner’s System and the Busy Runner Routine, which combined are helping more than 385 students reach their running goals, and the free Aid Station, which several of you sign up for every day.

I hired Alex Bea to redesign the site, so you would have a better reading experience.

I’ve directly helped dozens of runners train for and run trail races across the globe through coaching.

And most importantly, I’ve heard from more of you than ever before about your amazing running goals and successes. That, by far, has been the most exciting part of the year. Thank you for sharing.

And you know what? I’ve got even higher hopes for 2016.

More planning and preparations have already gone in to 2016 than any year before — Season 2 of Trail Talk is set to launch in January, new courses and resources are already in development, and I’ll be partnering up with other runners, coaches, and bloggers for all kinds of exciting new content. And of course, the vast majority always remain free for you.

A few official announcements will drop next week, so you’ll have to demonstrate a little patience until then.

Today I thought it’d be fun to stick to the past and present, and look back at your favorite posts and episodes (as determined by pageviews and listens). Just for kicks, I’ll also share a few favorites of my own from other sites.

Thanks for such an amazing year, and I hope you enjoy this little flash back at some of the highlights from 2015:

15 Most Popular Posts of 2015

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4. The 50 Truths of Ultra Running
5. The Ultimate Resource Guide for New Trail Runners
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7. The Trail Runner’s Guide to Fast Downhill Running

Most Popular Interviews

8. 3 Steps to Mastering Your First Ultramarathon with Stephanie Marie Howe
9. How to Run Faster & Prevent Your Next Running Injury with Jason Fitzgerald
10. Karl Meltzer on Trail and Ultrarunning Basics
11. Recovery, Nutrition, and Shoes with Mountain Ultra Trail Runner Darcy Piceu

Most Popular Motivational Posts

12. 12 (More) Trail Running Videos Guaranteed to Get You Motivated and Out the Door
13. How Trail Running Will Change Your Life (And How It Changed Mine)
14. Ultrarunning as a Microcosm of Life: My Black Mountain Monster Report
15. When is it Acceptable to Quit?

5 Most Popular Trail Talk Episodes of 2015

1. 6 Principles of Base Building for Endurance Runners
2. Go Big!
3. Essential Gear for Trail Runners
4. My 6 Biggest Ultramarathon Mistakes
5. How to Schedule Your Weekly Mileage

5 Non-Rock Creek Runner Posts I Loved in 2015

1. Your Body During a 100-Miler (Outside)
2. What Runners Are Thinking (The Atlantic)
3. The Ancient Mind-Hack That Makes You Happier and More Effective (Further)
4. Six Things That Elite Ultrarunners Are Doing That You Are Not (iRunFar)
5. A Marathon Tale: An Unlikely Duo (Desert Grit)
6. Why I Pushed ‘Too Far’ and Will Never Regret It (No Meat Athlete)

Author Doug Hay is the founder of Rock Creek Runner, host of the Trail Talk podcast, and fanatical about everything trail running -- beards, plaid shirts, bruised toenails, and all. He and his wife live and run in beautiful Black Mountain, NC.

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