Have you heard about REI’s #OptOutside campaign?

They’ve made the bold move to actually shut down all 143 of their stores today — on Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year — and instead encourage their employees and customers to hit the great outdoors.

As of the writing of this email, the news channels are already filled with stories of stampedes in big box stores and people who starting waiting in lines Thanksgiving afternoon … just for a deal.

But not everyone is at the mall today.

Over 1,000,000 people have pledged to take part. That’s a lot of fresh air!

Here are Rock Creek Runner, we’re fully on board with the OptOutside campaign. I’m in Louisville visiting family, and instead of hitting the shopping centers and outlet malls, I’m hitting a local trail for a crisp November run. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But one of the driving forces behind Rock Creek Runner isn’t just to get someone outside for one day, but give them the tools they need to opt outside – and opt for the trails – all the time.

So today I’m reaching out with two things, both in an attempt to get you outside, today and every day.

1) A Fitness and Nutrition Bundle

The first is a fitness and nutrition bundle you don’t want to pass up. It’s No Meat Athlete’s annual bundle sale, featuring 21 eBooks and courses (valued at $400) from big names like Rich Roll, Matt Frazier, Heather Crosby, Robert Cheeke, and many more. Oh, and I’m in there as well, with the complete Busy Runner Routine 4-week course.

What else is included? A lot:

  • Matt FrazierWake Up (eBook + audio), 100 Minutes Faster webinar series, ticket to upcoming live Online Goal-Setting Seminar
  • Heather Crosby – YumUniverse 5-day Test Drive Kit
  • Robert CheekeShred It! eBook + MP3 audio bonus with Matt Frazier
  • Chef AJUltimate Weight Loss Package – 21 Day Recipe Guide + 4 MP3 audio coaching lessons
  • Doug Hay – Busy Runner Routine course
  • Jeff SandersThe 5AM Miracle eBook and The 5AM Blueprint course
  • Ella MagersHow To Go Vegan A Beginner’s Guide eBook
  • Scott ShetlerPlant-Based Performance eBooks (A Compassionate Approach To Fitness and Know Your Strength)
  • Rich RollJai Seed eCookbook and Jai Meditation program
  • Sid Garza-HillmanApproaching The Natural eBook
  • Karen RanziRaw Vegan Recipe Fun For Families eBook
  • Derek TresizeThe Vegan Muscle & Fitness Guide To Bodybuilding Competitions
  • Whitney LauritsenHealthy Organic Vegan on a Budget eBook
  • Dreena BurtonPlant-Powered 15 eBook
  • Thomas Tadlock – Vegan 10 Day Tummy Tightener

Don’t get confused. This isn’t just for vegans.

The information on training, healthy eating, and productivity and habit change are relatable to anyone interested in health and fitness. Regardless of your diet.

All told, it’s $400 worth of products for a crazy low bundle price. This is a onetime thing, and the offer ends on Wednesday, so don’t miss out.

How it Works

bundle-15-2From now until Wednesday at 10am EST (that’s 5 days total), Matt is selling the bundle for only $49 (like I said, crazy!).

During that time, all of the contributors (me!) are given individual links, and get a cut from any purchases made through our link.

So if you’re interested in purchasing the bundle, by purchasing it through this link, you’re supporting me and the content on Rock Creek Runner! For that, I will be eternally grateful.

Get the full bundle here.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that wasn’t a sales pitch…

It was, and goes completely against REI’s anti-shopping campaign. But I hope that you can take a few minutes today to read about the bundle, and still skip the shopping center. Or maybe just flag this email to check out the bundle tomorrow.

I feel comfortable making this pitch today because I know that the resources included in that bundle will get you outside, eating healthy, and running strong. For many, many days to come.

2) Your Guide to Getting Outside and On the Trails

Secondly, I’ve put together a quick reference guide of resources, both on Rock Creek Runner and elsewhere, to get you psyched and ready for an outdoor trail running adventure.

I’m calling it the Rock Creek Runner Reference Guide for Opting Outside.

Check them out here:

How to start trail or ultra running:

Where to find trails:

Motivation for your next adventure:

Alright! That’s it for today. I hope you’ve had a great holiday (if you’re in the U.S. celebrating), and find time to get outside and start an adventure today.

Because there’s no time like the present.

Author Doug Hay is the founder of Rock Creek Runner, host of the Trail Talk podcast, and fanatical about everything trail running -- beards, plaid shirts, bruised toenails, and all. He and his wife live and run in beautiful Black Mountain, NC.

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