Earlier this week we talked about the great injury myth plaguing the running world, and I made a case for constant injury prevention care. I even shared how smart running has kept me injury free for the past 5 years.

That’s right, injuries don’t have to be part of your running and training.

What I didn’t say is that the work you put in to injury prevention not only helps you stay healthy, it also makes you stronger and faster.

And who doesn’t want to run faster?

Since it’s injury prevention week on Rock Creek Runner, and running faster is always at the top of people’s list, I decided to call up one of the smartest and fastest runners I know: Jason Fitzgerald of Strength Running.

The dude’s a beast on the road and trail, having run a blazing fast 2:39 marathon, but that’s not the reason I called him up.

Instead, we talk about injuries and injury prevention, and how as a coach he’s helped runners of all levels get stronger and faster by following certain injury prevention principles.

And I’d like to share that 30+ minute conversation with you today.

Here’s what we talk about in today’s interview:

  • Injury prevention explained (finally)
  • What does it mean to sandwich your workouts?
  • Core work for faster running
  • How to shape your training to stay injury free
  • Why you need low mileage weeks, even in the heat of training
  • Cross-training for runners
  • Does trail running help prevent injuries?
  • Dealing with your lingering running injury
  • Jason’s #1 tip for staying healthy

Interview with Jason Fitzgerald

Listen to the full interview here:

Or, click here to download the audio.

The Injury Prevention for Runners Program (and Limited Time Bonuses)

Ready to stay injury free and get stronger and faster in the process?

There aren’t very many people I trust when it comes to this stuff, but Jason is certainly one of them. Having used the Injury Prevention for Runners system we discussed myself, I know first hand how informative and effect it is at preventing injuries and building strength.

Click here to learn more about Injury Prevention for Runners.

And just because it’s Injury Prevention Week, we’re throwing in extra bonuses for new members.

If you join Injury Prevention for Runners before midnight on Friday, October 2nd, you’ll receive two special bonuses:

  1. A 45+ minute injury prevention interview I did with Jason for the Trail Runner’s System, this time diving really deep into the weeds with techniques and best practices, and
  2. A 20 minute Yoga for Runners instructional video developed by my wife Katie Hay, Registered Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist.

That’s over an hour of additional injury prevention videos, on top of everything already included in the Injury Prevention for Runners system. Just shoot me an email after you join the program, and I’ll give you access to the goodies.

To be clear, I didn’t choose these bonuses at random.

This week is all about helping you run (and continue running) healthy and strong. That’s also the goal behind Injury Prevention for Runners, and the bonus package.

If that sounds good to you, get started here.

Author Doug Hay is the founder of Rock Creek Runner, host of the Trail Talk podcast, and fanatical about everything trail running -- beards, plaid shirts, bruised toenails, and all. He and his wife live and run in beautiful Black Mountain, NC.

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