Does it ever feel like you’re just too busy to run?

Let me guess: Between work, school, family, friends, daycare, commuting, volunteering, and all the other obligations you find yourself with, there’s just no time for training.

I get it. I’ve been there.

A few years ago I woke up and realized it had been over 3 weeks since my last run. This wasn’t intentional. I wasn’t taking a break or injured.

I let life get in the way, and brushed running aside.

This so-busy-I-forgot-to-run problem happens to all of us at some point.

We train hard for months and run a big race, and without even realizing it, we start skipping runs. Motivation starts to weaken, and suddenly that project you’ve been putting off at work, or happy hour with your friends, sounds more appealing.

And our once sacred running routine slips away.

Consistency Should Be Your Best Friend

For most people, scheduling time for a run is a constant struggle. You’re surrounded by all these forces (work, play, family) pulling you away from your training. And filling your mind with excuses.

Unfortunately, most of us are quick to embrace any one of those excuses.

Running is hard, it hurts, and it’s not always fun. With your busy schedule, the easy choice is to brush it off until tomorrow — or three weeks from tomorrow — and blame it on an excuse.

This constant struggle with excuses is a breeding ground for running inconsistency…a major problem.

Inconsistent running not only limits how you improve, but it’s a quick ticket to an injury.

In an interview with Mike Wardian, an elite ultra runner who races more than anyone else I know at his level, I asked how he stayed injury free. His answer was simple:

Consistency. You have to be consistent with your training to prevent injuries.

So what do you do when can’t seem to find time to lock into a consistent running routine?

Building A Routine That Breeds Success (Not Inconsistencies)

Our willpower is finite, and it runs out quickly.

In order to keep a steady running routine with a busy schedule, you have to first create a training environment that encourages running, not try to prevent it. An environment where you don’t decide whether or not you feel like going for a run, but where the environment decides for you.

Sounds pretty magical, right? A training routine free from excuses?

The Busy Runner Routine

busy-runner-greenWhen I woke up that morning after not running for weeks, I knew something had to change. If I wanted to continue running (which I did), and if I wanted to continue improving as a runner (which I most certainly  did), I had to get back on a consistent routine.

The only thing holding me back was my overwhelmingly busy schedule.

So I started taking action. I took the small steps to build a running routine that not only fit within my schedule, but established each run as an integral part of my day.

That process was not easy and involved several failed attempts, but over time I’ve established a routine and environment where running is a given. And it didn’t come at the expense of everything else on my schedule.

The best part? You can do the same thing.

Because I know how frustrating it feels when life gets too busy, I’ve streamlined the process I went through into an efficient 4-week course called the Busy Runner Routine. And it’s now available.

The Busy Runner Routine will guide you through the process of creating your positive running environment, and establishing a consistent routine built to last.

You can be a runner, even with a busy schedule. You can reach your race goals, train harder, and run consistently, even when you don’t feel like you have a second to breathe.

So what’s your excuse? It certainly isn’t because you don’t have the time.

Click here to learn more about the Busy Runner Routine, and how you can start building your consistent running environment.

Order before Friday, August 7th and also gain a spot into next month’s Busy Runner Webinar, where we’ll answer your questions live.

Author Doug Hay is the founder of Rock Creek Runner, host of the Trail Talk podcast, and fanatical about everything trail running -- beards, plaid shirts, bruised toenails, and all. He and his wife live and run in beautiful Black Mountain, NC.

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One thought on “Why ‘Too Busy’ is a Terrible Excuse Not to Run

  1. So many times in the past I’ve been asked by friends and family how I find time to run. I explain to them that I don’t “find” time to run, I make time to run. The difference – as you said – is making it a priority. There’s always a reason not to run … the secret for me is finding that one reason to run.

    Great topic and post.

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