ipad_ReaderI don’t normally do this kind of post, but sometimes I find that other people are saying such great things, I don’t want to take the focus from them!  So instead of asking you to read my writing, I’m going to encourage you to read other people’s writing.

These posts barely scratch the surface of recent good articles, but they all jumped out at me this week.

Zen Habits had a great post on updating how we think of fitness, which forced me to think about my view on fitness.  In a lot of ways he is saying that our (or my) manner of running long distances is outdated.  I don’t buy that, but I do think this post has some great ideas on how we view fitness as a whole.  It will challenge you to view your life as a constant state of fitness activity.

The blog might be called the Art of Manliness, but their recent post on finding your 20 Mile March will resonate with the ladies as well.  In the season of changes and goals, this article reminds us that sometimes it isn’t the new trend and big idea, but staying the course and sticking to our guns that help us reach our ultimate objective.

It seems like every day I read another reason why working is killing me, and boy oh boy does it bum me out.  One of the most cited reasons seems to be that sitting at a desk 8 hours a day is terrible for our bodies.  Two great posts came out in the past few days addressing this issue.  The first is from Greg at Pre Dawn Runner, who helps us come up with ways for Making Work Work for Your Running.  On that same note, DC Yogi‘s Katie gives us an intro to desk yoga, a great way to get the blood flowing and body moving all while sitting in your cube.

Finally I’m going to leave you with the post that made me decide I needed to write this post to begin with.

Matt Frazier at No Meat Athlete had an incredibly personal and inspiring post about making positive changes in his life.  After reading his post, On Turning Pro, you can’t help but be inspired to “grow the hell up.”

I hope I am pointing you to a few new sites or articles today.  I’d love to hear of anything extra interesting you’ve read in the past few days, so leave us a note in the comments to share!  Feel free to post a link to your own blog too!

– Doug

P.S.  I guess it would be kind of silly not to plug at least a few of my recent posts.  If you haven’t already, I’d recommend checking out the recent post on joining the 0.2%.  Enjoy!

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