“I don’t know how to train properly.”

“I don’t want to train alone.”

“I can’t stay motivated when no one else is running with me.”

These are just a few of the many excuses runners use when they are either ready to quit or simply don’t want to get started.  But there is bad news for the easy-way-outers; these are no longer good excuses.  In today’s world, the internet keeps us from ever being without a running partner or training community.

The internet offers so much information, inspiration, and community, that no runner should ever feel alone again.  Here at Rock Creek Runner, I strive to offer some of the community and advice I’ve gained from thousands of miles on the trails and numerous races.

But I couldn’t do it without the support and knowledge I have given to me by others.  Some of that support comes from family and friends, but a lot of the knowledge, encouragement and motivation that keeps me running comes from blogs just like the one you are reading.

The beauty is, no longer is top notch running and training information a secret!  All you need to know is where to look.

Below you will find what I believe are the 10 best running blogs for any runner.

Training and Information

1) Runblogger – Runblogger is all about the running. From training tips to product reviews, the author (Pete) offers up his experience and advice on the whole spectrum.  Pete is a father of three and college professor, and he knows what it is like to juggle a busy life while keeping up the training.  His tips and good stories can relate to any of us looking to improve on our running while juggling a busy schedule.

2)  No Meat Athlete – No Meat Athlete is full of passion, both for the sport and the fuel.  Matt writes inspirational and educational pieces geared toward runners of all levels.  With a few training plans and tons of recipes, there is something for every reader.  Regular contributors like Susan Lacke (and now myself) mix it up a bit.

3)  Strength Running – Jason from Strength Running is a 2:39 marathoner with tons of running experience to share.  He is a running coach by trade, but shares all kinds of great training techniques, beginner tips, and fueling information for free.  This blog is geared toward runners of all levels, but is especially critical for those looking to improve on half and marathon PRs.

4)  Runner Dude’s Blog – Just a guy who loves to run and loves to write about it.  You’ll find anything from race reports to runner’s recipes.  The author seems to have gone through all of the same triumph and struggles you have, and has written about how to work through it.


5)  DCRainmaker – The king of all things sports technology.  Ray has reviewed just about anything out there.  I’m not talking about a short product review highlighting the pros and cons, he dives into in-depth reviews including everything from photos of packaging to detailed comments from hours of testing.  He has a triathlon focus, but the blog is chalked full of running tech stuff.  Before buying that next GPS, always check out what Ray has to say.

6)  Running and Rambling – The minimalist movement seems to grow more and more every day.  Running and Rambling is your go-to place for the minimalist runner looking for reviews on shoes and other gear.  The best part, he seems to give something away nearly every day.


7)  Footnotes – Written by professional ultrarunner Joe Grant, footnotes offers poetic inspiration for the distance of runner and mountain lover.  The beauty of his words, love for the mountains, and gift of adventure and running gives you an incredible look into his running adventures.  On top of that, he lugs a big camera with him on most outings, which allows for beautiful shots from some of the world’s most remote of places.

8)  Predawn Runner – Anyone who is in the middle of training for a big race knows that training can be very time consuming.  Predawn Runner offers tips and tricks for the busy athlete looking to fit the training into their schedule.

Running News

9)  i Run Far – Arguably the best website for ultrarunning news, live race coverage, training columns, and advice from the elites.  Brian is a full-time blogger who travels all over the world to bring you great ultramarathon coverage.  If you are into following the action, getting inspired by the accomplishments of the big names, or finding training advice for your next 50, this is the place to go.

10)  Competitor – Competitor is not technically a blog, but it is a huge online resource for endurance athletes with tons of big names, funny people, and world-class athletes writing articles.  This is the kind of site you can eagerly check daily for inspiration, news, and tips.

Running can be a solitary sport, but you shouldn’t ever feel alone.  It is from blogs like any of these that we can all learn from each other and share our stories.  Do you have a running blog you cann’t live without?  Share it with us in the comments.


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Author Doug Hay is the founder of Rock Creek Runner, host of the Trail Talk podcast, and fanatical about everything trail running -- beards, plaid shirts, bruised toenails, and all. He and his wife live and run in beautiful Black Mountain, NC.

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    1. Thanks Jason. I spend a lot of time on Western Ridge Trail and the Valley Trail. I really like to pick up one of those near Peirce Mill and take it up to the DC/MD border where they connect, before taking the other back down. That loop is just shy of 10 miles. If I’m looking to do a little more climbing, I play around on the horse trails to the western side of the creek.

      For road I really like the closed sections of Beach Drive during the weekends. Beautiful, fast, and plenty of folks out to keep you motivated and moving forward.

  1. These blogs will definitely help you especially when you are in a marathon. Before you join a race, you need to be fit first and one way to achieve that is through trainings. Thanks for sharing this, really helpful.

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