Photo taken from a recent trip to Seattle, WA

I injured myself at some point during the 10 mile Back Yard Burn race #3.  The pain in my foot has been crippling.  It has been over a week now, and I’ve logged just one mile.

How do I pass the time?  I can’t keep watching the news.  How do I process the day?  Running was the cure.  I need the repetitive motion, the dirt beneath my feet, the audible breaths.  I’m now longing for the hills that just days ago brought so much dread.  I’m craving the pain from tripping on that root I’ve cursed so many times.  Trees, rocks, deer, once a part of my daily escape, have now transformed into concrete, trash, and buses.  All of this energy has built up with no escape.  I’m doing pushups.  I hate pushups.  I’m drinking beer.  Well, that’s always good.  Soon I’ll be with family.  I’ll need an outlet.  We all have our mental and physical escapes.  The park, the trail, the run.  I just hope this doesn’t last much longer.

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