RW's Rave Run, July, 2010

Things are without a doubt looking up when it comes to TheHaySay’s running schedule. This week was kind of make it or break it for me as I prepare for the North Face Endurance Challenge, and I think i made it.  The focus of the week’s mileage was to have a significant increase over last week’s mere 23 miles, without furthering my injury or creating any new ones.  I tried to listen to my body, pushing when I could, and holding back when I knew I should.  That brought a couple of really exciting days, and some interesting adventures.  So without further adieu, the week’s mileage breakdown:

Monday – 7 miles This was a simple out and back up 16th St.  After last Sunday’s 10 miles, I was feeling pretty good, but I didn’t want to push too hard.

Tuesday – 6 miles My first time back in Rock Creek Park in a few weeks.  I ran home from work hitting up about 4 miles of trail before making my way onto the road and back home.  Lots of fun, only fell once…

Wednesday – 0 After pushing on some hills Tuesday, the leg was more than tender.  I took the day off to keep it safe.

Thursday – 7 miles Back at it on the street, a nice and relaxed run.

Friday – 0 Running just wasn’t going to happen on Friday.

Saturday – 7 miles A good warm up run to what would come on Sunday, I wanted to get out and put in some miles.  Feeling more than tired from Friday night, I kept it pretty slow.  Although I really didn’t want to be out, it felt pretty good once I returned home.

Sunday – 13 miles This was a big day for me.  I was hoping to go somewhere between 13-15 miles through the trails of Rock Creek Park, but after 13 realized that I probably shouldn’t press on.  Several times I found myself running at near half marathon pace without even meaning to.  I was just cruising along, so happy to be out on a long run and back in the woods, that my legs were just flying.  A few times I even realized I had a big smile on my face!  I wouldn’t say that my last few weeks of running have been sad, but they certainly hadn’t been happy.  This was a happy run.  Plus, I encountered some pretty crazy wildlife (more on that to come later this week).

Total:  40 miles on the dot.  All in all a great week of improvement and a great week of running.  Hopefully by the 5 Weeks report I’ll be close to where I should be with mileage totals.

2 thoughts on “Countdown to NFEC 50k: 6 Weeks

  1. This blog used to talk about eating bbq and other good food. What is this crap about running around and drinking beer? Also, bring back that really smart black guy who used to write for this blog.

    1. haha! Sometimes things change I guess!

      You know, I keep trying to bring back the smart black guy, but he keeps telling me he doesn’t have anything to write about. I beg to differ. That man always has something to say…anytime you wish to come back!

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