The long road to recovery might finally be getting a little shorter.  I know that in the grand scheme of things, whatever has happened to my leg probably isn’t that bad, but that doesn’t matter when it feels that bad because you can’t run.  Especially when you really want to run.  It has been a very long few weeks, but the past 7 day’s mileage was a bit encouraging, propelling me towards my end goal. During today’s (Monday) run, I for the first time in a several weeks thought that I might actually be running on June 4th.  While I might just be running, and not racing, a cross over the finish line will make me just happy as a little junebug.  So let’s take a look at the breakdown.  While still less than half of what I would like be laying down, it showed a strong improvement over last week.  Plus, I learned a few lessons (the hard way).

Monday – 5 Miles After feeling pretty good during the 6 miler last Sunday, I went back out, same route, just a mile short.  Heading up 16th St. has been my go to during this time of recovery.  The sidewalks aren’t busy, the street is relatively quiet, and you can just keep going straight until you feel like turning around.

Tuesday – 4 Miles This was the biggest lesson of the week: don’t push it on the hills.  My thought was that since I can’t do much with the mileage, maybe I can push it with the workout.  I did 4 x 800s at a 10k pace, then focused on a few hills by the house.  After several repeats, the leg was on fire.  Not a good idea.

Wednesday – 0 No option but RICE

Thursday – 0 Still regretting the hills.

Friday – 4 Miles Just an easy run after work to get the legs moving

Saturday – 10 Miles!  I went out up 16th with no expectations on how far I would go, and just kept at it.  I made it to Silver Spring and thought I should turn around.  Huge win for me.

Sunday – 0 I was going to join KFB on a bike ride, but due to timing and a baseball game, that didn’t happen.  Shout out to her though, she crushed a 2 hour ride!

Total – 23 While the total isn’t big, at all, the 10 miler felt great and my recovery since has been solid.  High hopes for this week.

2 thoughts on “Countdown to NFEC 50k: 7 Weeks

  1. Good to see you getting back to it, Doug. I guess I missed the injury report, but I’m glad to have you back with the running community nonetheless. You’ve got until June 4th. Just keep running smart and you’ll make it through. 🙂

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