If you are anything like me, you find yourself going to the same bars over and over.  You love their atmosphere, beer list, or they just feel like home.  But sometimes, no matter how much you love the bar, you just need a change.  This past weekend, my friend Kareem and I found ourselves in that very situation.  We were looking for a different place to grab some drinks and maybe some food, but just couldn’t figure out where to go.

So to save myself from future issues, and for all of you, I have created a Google Map of 35+ Draft Beer Lists from bars in the U St., Columbia Heights, and Adams Morgan neighborhoods. Check it out below, or follow the link to see a larger version and a full list of the bars/drafts!
Beers on Draft – U St / Columbia Heights / Adams Morgan in a larger map

See any bars that I’m missing?  Any beers that should be added?  Let me know and I’ll make the changes.


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