The Marathon Boy
Marathon Boy by Egui_

Welcome to the Friday link series.  Check out what I’ve been reading this week in the world of running, craft beer, and food.

  • Not one, not two, but FOUR new DC breweries will be rolling out kegs in 2011.  3 Stars, DC Brau Brewing Company, Chocolate City Beer, and Black Squarel Brewing Company.  Sounds freak’n awesome, but can DC handle all that good beer?
  • Dean Karnazes wants to know if Pace Teams really work at marathons.  He doesn’t seem to think so.  Anyone ever tried them?
  • Aren’t chips supposed to be loud? Hard to believe people can’t handle a little noise for the environment.
  • The Marathon not long enough for you?  Try running an Ultra.  NoMeatAthlete has a great post how you can train for an Ultra and still have a life.
  • Guess what!  The Marine Corps Marathon is only 15 days away! Can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “They Said What? Follow the Link

  1. Hey Doug, thanks for the link! Your new site looks great, by the way. And I knew you were a beer fan, but not that you were a homebrewer too. We’ll have to grab one after Marine Corps! Feeling ready?

  2. Matt, it was a great post! Really got me thinking about running an ultra.

    Feeling pretty good about the marathon, mostly just ready to get running! I’d love to grab a beer after the race, hopefully we can work something out.

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