I’d like to take a minute and first thank everyone for reading The Hay Say!  I hope that you enjoy what you see.  The Hay Say has recently added a couple of new features that you might enjoy.

First off, for all you Facebookers out there, you can now ‘Fan’ The Hay Say and get updates, links to fun articles, and share anything you wish!  You can do that by following this Facebook Link or by clicking the Facebook icon in the top right.

Another new feature is the Subscribe button to the top right.  You can now subscribe to the blog and have everything delivered directly to an RSS reader or straight into your e-mail inbox!  You’ll never miss a post if you subscribe.

One of the things I’m really excited about developing is a collection of all my running routes around DC.  I’ll be mapping them from generic locations in Columbia Heights and the U St. area, so that other people can use them or modify them if they are looking for a new route.  The collection will be compiled on Map My Run, and you can link to any route or share some of yours with me if you like.

And last but not least, a little plug for my twitter account.  Don’t forget to follow!


Keep running, keep drinking, keep eating, and keep living local.