The Goal.  The Plan.
The Goal. The Plan.

26.2 – A number that means so much for so many.  For me right now, it means, “crap, what did I just do.”

Tonight Roommate and I registered for the Baltimore Marathon.  We are now setting out on a 20 week adventure leading to the finish line.  As I thought about this idea today, I couldn’t help but think what that 20 weeks meant.  Since graduating from college, accepting a job, and moving to DC, I have had little-to-no real goals to work towards.  Sure, I dream of the perfect job, more money, and one day going back to school, but I have no real concrete goal or  plan of action.  26.2, that is a goal.  20 weeks of training, that is the plan.

I’ll keep everyone updated on the progress.

2 thoughts on “26.2

  1. 1) I like that roommate has no name – just roommate!
    2) I will be there to cheer you on!
    3) I may be armed with cow bells and a super soaker! 🙂
    4) nice legs, roommate!

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