Rock Creek Runner Hats and Tumblers


Black Bear Endurance Mesh Hat

Run with the Trails 16oz Tumbler
$12.00 or two for $20.00

Cover Triathlon

Technical Trucker Hat: Mountain View

Cover Triathlon

Technical Trucker Hat: Blue Ridge

Training Courses and eBooks

Gear and Products I Recommend

Below you’ll find some of the best trail running gear and clothing on the market. I have carefully selected not only what I believe to be the toughest, best looking, and most practical, but the gear I use nearly every single run. Rest assured that everything in this list I use myself.

Links to these products will take you to either REI or Amazon. By purchasing these or other products from those three online stores though my links, you are helping Rock Creek Runner at no additional cost. Rock Creek Runner is reader funded, which is why you see very few ads on the site. I can keep it that way through support from readers like you. So thank you!



Women Specific Gear and Clothing

I recently reached out to female Rock Creek Runner Members to get a rundown on what gear they’re using. After a few rounds of voting, here’s what they recommend:


Cover Triathlon

HOKA ONE ONE Challenger
ATRs: Men’s | Women’s

Altra Lone Peak 3.0:
Men’s | Women’s

Cover Triathlon

Altra King MT:
Men’s | Women’s

Altra Superior 3.0:
Men’s | Women’s


Fastpacking and Trail Adventure Gear

Training Tools and Programs I Recommend

Injury Prevention for Runners

InjuryThe most thorough injury prevention program I have ever seen. Running coach Jason Fitzgerald does it right with this program, which features 2 eBooks, 16 videos, a dozen training plans, and 7 interviews with elite coaches and runners, all crafted to make sure you’re running injury free.

I’ve been using Jason’s injury prevention techniques of over a year now, and I’ve had great success staying healthy and strong.