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About Doug Hay, the Author:

doug-rattlesnakeShortly after moving to Washington, DC in 2008, an impromptu decision led to a Baltimore Marathon registration. Not being much of a runner, and relatively unfamiliar with the DC area, I quickly got in to the habit of running a few small loops near my house in the Columbia Heights neighborhood.

It didn’t take long before that became incredibly repetitive, and I knew if I was going to train for a marathon, something needed to change.

A little nudge from an old roommate sent me toward Rock Creek Park, where I quickly found what became my running haven in this city of busy streets and crowded sidewalks. Just like that, a Rock Creek Runner was born.

Since that first marathon I have run four additional road marathons, but my main focus has transitioned to trails and ultramarathons. Since 2010, I have completed three 50 mile and 50k ultras, the 40 mile Mount Mitchell Challenge, and the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 mile run, along with several other independent ultra distance outings.

In early 2014, my wife and left the big city for Black Mountain, NC, just outside Asheville, where we enjoy the slower paced lifestyle and nearly backyard access to the incredible Blue Ridge Mountains. Around that time I also received coaching certification from USATF (USA Track and Field).

I am the co-host of No Meat Athlete Radio, and have contributed to articles or posts for Competitor, RunWashington, Washingtonian, Outside Magazine, Active Network, No Meat Athlete, Strength Running, and many more.

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