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How to Understand (And Improve) Your Training Philosophy

Spring Trail running 2

There’s a wave washing over the world of running. Especially trail and ultra running.

It’s nothing new, but seems to be idealized more today than ever before.

I’m talking about the draw towards becoming a dirtbag runner. It’s the shirtless, bearded, free spirited runner, and the idea that living out of the back of your car and parking at whatever trailhead catches your attention the night before, is how all real runners should live.

The idea is to run free. Free from restrictions and rules, and become one with the mountain and trail.

I have to admit, that sounds pretty appealing. In fact, I like to think I work towards that philosophy to some degree.

But what about the other end of the spectrum?

On the other end, we have runners doing the complete opposite. But still enjoying their runs just as much, and performing equally well.

Which Type of Runner are You?

In a general sense, runners fall in to one of two categories when it comes to their training philosophies:Continue Reading


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