It has been a little over five months since my daughter was born, leading to a pretty drastic shift in my training.

For the past few years I’ve benefited from a flexible schedule. I had the freedom to run at just about anytime of the day. But with the new kid (and new responsibilities), training took a back seat.

So I made a plan, and in January I wrote a post outlining how I’d train for a 100K ultramarathon with a newborn, where I shared five strategies to get the most out of my more restricted training schedule. Read the post here.

The strategies could help — I thought — not just someone with a newborn, but anyone with a particularly busy or limited schedule (due to kids, work, travel, etc.).

So, did my plan work?

In today’s episode of Trail Talk, I evaluate the past five months of training and share what worked, what didn’t, an unexpected surprise benefit, and my plan for moving forward.

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