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3 Steps to Mastering Your First Ultramarathon with Stephanie Marie Howe

You want to run an ultramarathon, but….

There’s always a But, right?


  • I don’t have enough time for the training
  • My experience isn’t there yet
  • It’s too hot this summer

Those are just a few of the excuses I hear on a regular basis. Excuses from people who genuinely want to take the leap into trail and ultra running, but something keeps holding them back. Something they can’t get past on their own.

The Truth About Your But

Notice I said “But,” not “Butt.” I don’t know anything about your butt…

Buts are easy to come by. Unfortunately for us, the But is one of the most powerful tools your mind has for resisting something big. Or life changing.

Here’s the thing, while that But may sound valid on the surface, it’s nothing more than an excuse not to start training. An excuse born from fear.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, deciding to run an ultramarathon is scary.


Because it’s going to be a challenge. And because at first you have no idea where to start.

How to Start Training For an Ultramarathon

Stephanie Marie Howe knows a lot about ultrarunning. Her accomplishments alone would take up my entire word count for this post.

But to give you a few recent highlights, Stephanie won the 2014 Western States 100, came in 3rd just last weekend at the 2015 Western States 100, and 1st at the 2015 Lake Sanoma 50. She’s a North Face sponsored athlete, one of the top female runners in the sport.

During a recent interview I did with Stephanie for the Trail Runner’s System, I asked her,

“What advice would you give to someone thinking about running their first ultramarathon?”

Here’s a short clip from that interview where she addresses that question: Continue Reading


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